About Us

Thank you for visiting Hohmtown Vapors! A shop specializing in the hobbyist vape user as well as those just starting out.
I first used a vaporizer in 2010, a NuvoCig, after smoking a pack a day for about 10 years. It was a little cigarette looking vape that produced weak clouds and there were no flavors for it besides tobacco. I stuck with it for maybe 2 weeks, all while still smoking regular cigarettes. I felt like it was not satisfying and the cartridges were very poor quality, so I quickly went back to my Marlboro Reds. About 5 years later, I picked up another one, a Blu I think, and I was determined to use it instead of smoking a cigarette because I was really tired of the cost, smell, and ash cigarettes produce. A few weeks after using the Blu I lost it at a concert and successfully quit for two years!
Then I slipped up, started smoking socially again and bumming them from friends. Then started buying my own because I didn’t want to bum them. I was back at a pack a day in a few months!
A year back into smoking something amazing happened. A friend at work let me use his vape, a sub ohm setup with some kind of chocolate juice in there. I had tried some newer devices and they were too high powered for me at the time, but this was perfect. A few minutes with it and I was hooked. The next day I got my first kit and since then I have been trying to absorb any and all information about vaping. Wether it was new devices, tanks, coil building, or general goings on in the industry, I was taking it all in and thinking of a way to open a place of my own..
So here I am, with my own shop where I can share my knowledge of vaping safely, satisfyingly, and at fair prices. I understand that nobody vapes the same and I strive to make sure people get a satisfying vape experience, in a friendly atmosphere, where no question is a dumb one because it’s all about sharing our knowledge so people can vape safe and happy. If you are just starting out or are a hobbyist vape user, we got you covered. We will be offering sales and special events so be sure to check the page often!